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Drunk-Ed Sheeran

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Drunk是英國創作型歌手Ed Sheeran的歌曲,收錄在其首張專輯《+》中。Ed Sheeran被譽爲英國創作才子,也被稱之爲宇宙藍顔好閨蜜。作爲一個優秀的唱作人,他不只爲自己創作,還爲許多歌手寫過歌。

Ed Sheeran,1991年2月17日出生于英國英格蘭西約克郡,是大西洋唱片(Atlantic Records)旗下的一位歌手同時也是一位創作人。2015年在全英音樂獎頒獎盛典榮獲“年度最佳男歌手”和“年度最佳專輯”兩項大獎。2016年2月,在第58屆格萊美音樂獎獲得年度單曲獎和最佳流行歌手獎。



I wanna be drunk when I wake up
On the right side of the wrong bed
And never an excuse I made up
Tell you the truth I hate
What didn't kill me,
It never made me stronger at all
Love will scar your make up
Lips sticks to me, so now I maybe lean back there
I'm sat here wishing I was sober
I know I'll never hold you like I used to
But a house gets cold when you cut the heating
Without you to hold I'll be freezing
Can't rely on my heart to beat in
'Cause you take parts of it every evening
Take words out of my mouth just from breathing
Replace with phrases like 'when you leaving me? '
Should I? Should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again, I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love
I wanna hold your heart in both hands
Not watch it fizzle at the bottom of a Coke can
And I got no plans for the weekend, so should we speak then?
Keep it between friends
Though I know you'll never love me like you used to
There maybe other people like us
Who see the flicker of a clipper when they light up
Flames just create us but burns don't heal like before
And you don't hold me anymore
On cold days cold plays out like the band's name
I know I can't heal things with a handshake
You know I can change, as I began saying
You cut me wide open like landscape
Open bottles of beer but never champagne
To applaud you with the sound that my hands make
Should I? Should I?
Maybe I'll get drunk again
I'll be drunk again, I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love
All by myself, I'm here again
All by myself, you know I'll never change
All by myself
All by myself
I'm just drunk again
I'll be drunk again
I'll be drunk again
To feel a little love

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