Welcome to Amphibia-歡迎來到兩棲世界-奇幻沼澤OP

Welcome to Amphibia-歡迎來到兩棲世界-奇幻沼澤OP

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Welcome to Amphibia》(歡迎來到兩棲世界)是美國動畫劇集《奇幻沼澤》(Amphibia)的片頭曲。此曲是在迪士尼的要求下制作的,本來是主題曲,但是後來沒有正式使用,改用無歌詞的純音樂版本。

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Welcome to Amphibia歌詞:

Now I find myself in the wild unknown
With the frogs and toads
And I'm far from home
But there's so much here to discover
One leap after another
Hop into the adventure
Gotta ribbit ribbit jump on it it
Welcome to amphibia life
Don't get much crazier
When you're a normal girl
Living in another world
What you gonna do
You gotta ribbit ribbit jump on in it
Welcome to amphibia life
Don't get much crazier
So ribbit ribbit live it in amphibia

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