Seven Nation Army-簡單版-The White Stripes

Seven Nation Army-簡單版-The White Stripes

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Seven Nation Army》是美國搖滾二人組合The White Stripes(白色條紋樂隊)最著名的搖滾單曲,于2003年3月12日發行。這是他們第四張錄音室專輯《Elephant》的開場曲。


2011年第八季英國偶像X Factor亞軍選手23歲男歌手Marcus Collins翻唱了這首經典舊作作爲他的個人首支單曲。單曲于3月5日發行,英國單曲榜首周排名第9,Marcus首張同名大碟于3/12在英國發行。

2016年美國藝電遊戲公司出品遊戲:Battlefield 1 (戰地1) 中選取了Seven Nation Army作爲預告片的BGM。另外,2016年DC漫改電影《自殺小隊》中,小隊成員第一次集結用了該曲作爲BGM。

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Seven Nation Army歌詞:

I'm gonna fight 'em off
A seven nation army couldn't hold me back
They gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back
And I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget
Back and forth through my mind behind a cigarette
And a message coming from my eyes says leave it alone
Don't want to hear about it
Every single one's got a story to tell
Everyone knows about it
From the queen of England to the hounds of hell
And if I catch you coming back my way
I'm going to serve it to you
And that ain't what you want to hear
But that's what I'll do
And a feeling coming from my bones says find a home
I'm goin' to Wichita
Far from this opera forevermore
I'm gonna work the straw
Make the sweat drip out of every pore
And I'm bleeding and I'm bleeding
And I'm bleeding right before my lord
Oh the words are going to bleed from me
And I will think no more
And the stains coming from my blood tell me go back home

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