Congratulations-Mac Miller ft Bilal

Congratulations-Mac Miller ft Bilal

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Congratulations是Mac Miller與Bilal一同合作的單曲。收錄在Mac Miller的第四張錄音室專輯《The Divine Feminine》中。Mac Miller,美國猶太裔說唱歌手、音樂制作人。在專輯《The Divine Feminine》中,他用多愁善感、低聲哼唱式的說唱描寫出來屬于自己的老式愛情故事,給人一種馬文•蓋伊的神韻。

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Where are you
Ohhhhh ohhh hehehe
The divine feminine an album by Mac Miller
Ohhhhh ohhh
The divine feminine hehehe
Mac Miller:
Am I supposed to okay
Love love love love love sex
Love love love love love love love sex
This sun don't shine when I'm alone
I lose my mind and I lose control
I see your eyes look through my soul
Don't be surprised this all I know
I felt the highs and they felt like you
See a love like mine is too good to be true
And you too divine to just be mine
You remind me of the color blue
Girl I'm so in love with you yeah
Girl I'm so in love with you
Well baby
You were everything I ever wanted
Bought a wedding ring it s in my pocket
Planned to ask the other day
Knew you'd run away so I guess I just forgot it
Remember when you went away to college
I was on the phone we into talking
Past present future all the gossip God damn
Puppy love ain't what it was darling
Feelings that we have are so alarming
I can make you laugh I can break the glass
If we made it last it'd be a bargain
Mr. Charming that is my department
You was there before the fancy cars and
You was there when I was just a starving artist
When the car was having trouble starting
Now we got our own apartment same box for the mail
Same hamper for the laundry the food in the fridge is stale
And this morning you cooked the eggs with the kale
I tried to hit it while you was getting dressed
You said all you ever think about is sex
I'm like oh well you know me so well
And if this will make you lay I swear I won't tell
And every time I call your phone you better pick up your cell
I swear to God I'ma freak out if it go straight to voice mail
Well I'm the jealous type
But I swear that a what heaven's like
When I'm in that p**sy it's a better life
That's the only way I'm tryna end the night
That's my only chance I better get it right
Take your time my baby
Cause I'm waiting for you for you
And I'ma make your mind go crazy
Cause I'm waiting right here for you for you
You get closer with me run away
All I ever know is the color gray
Your loveliness bring me sunshine
I found an angel so divine
Heaven probably not the same without you
But now you're in my world
In my world ahhhh ahh
Ahhh ahhhh ahhh ahhh

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