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Follow God收錄在Kanye West的專輯《Jesus is King》中。這張專輯Kanye West完全像變了個人一樣,每天都在宣傳愛與和平。而歌曲MV,這次是與他的父親Ray West 一起出演,展現父子情深,Kanye 開著載具帶著父親在自己位于懷俄明的農場裏馳騁,像個小孩子爲父親炫耀自己的玩具一般純真。最後 Kanye 寫道:「我爸來到我在懷俄明科迪的一座農場看我,他告訴我他有多喜歡釣魚,他很願意夏天來這裏玩。我用了 42 年才發現我爸是我最好的朋友。


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Follow God歌詞:

Father I stretch
Stretch my hands to you
Lifelike this is what your life like
Try to live your life right
People really know you
Push your buttons like type write
This is like a movie
But it's really very lifelike
Every single night right
Every single fight right
I was looking at the 'Gram and I don't even like likes
I was screamin' at my Dad he told me
It ain't Christ-like
I was screamin' at the referee just like Mike
Lookin' for a bright light
Sigel what your life like
Riding on a white bike
Feeling like excite bike
Pressin' on the gas supernova for a night light
Screamin' at my dad and he told me
It ain't Christ-like
But nobody never tell you when you're being like Christ
Only ever seein' me only when they needin' me
Like if Tyler Perry made a movie for BET
Searchin' for a deity now you wanna see it free
Now you wanna see if we
Let's just see if three a piece
Tell me what your life like turn it down a bright light
Drivin' with my dad and he told me
It ain't Christ-like
I'm just tryna find
I've been lookin' for a new way
I'm just really tryna not to really do the fool way
I don't have a cool way
Bein' on my best though
Block 'em on the text though
Nothin' else next though
Not another word letter picture or a decimal
Wrestlin' with God I don't really want to wrestle
Man it's really lifelike everything in my life
Arguing with my dad and he said
It ain't Christ-like
You know it's like
Somebody only close who can get you like off your
I be on my
I woke up this morning I said my prayers
I'm all good then I tried to talk to my dad
Give him some advice he starts spazzin' on me
I start spazzin' back He said That ain't Christ-like
I said Aaah

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